Monday, September 15, 2008

"The Wizard of Gore" Review

Mary's Review
If you like watching gory horrors and mind-bending mysteries, then you'll probably want to marry this flick!

When a hip, young writer investigates an underground magic show for sadists and freaks, he finds himself in the midst of a ridiculous, hallucinogenic struggle to find the truth in an unstable reality. This film will keep you intrigued with gore, nudity, and mysterious twists.

The Wizard of Gore is an over-the-top, weird mystery, unlike any film I have seen before. So dark, bloody, sexy, exciting, inventive, twisted, and flat out mind-boggling that you'll wonder how it was thought up in the first place. This film is so innovative that I was surprised to learn that it is actually a remake of the original which was directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis, released in 1970.

Don't plan to watch this one while you are on your way to sleep as the movie requires you to be alert enough to process the roller coaster plot. This one is a new release, so after you go on this ride, please come back to drop off your comments. I look forward to hearing from you! (Please remember not to post any comments that might spoil the film for other readers.)

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Crispen Glover

Kip Pardue

Bijou Phillips

Brad Dourif

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  1. This is definitely my kind of movie. I just love gory movies, and I've been looking for some new ones to watch. Your review was so good that I just have to watch it!

  2. Oh, good; I hope you like it.
    My husband is a huge horror buff, but it takes a lot for a horror film to impress me.
    This one made the cut because it was entertaining on many levels.
    After you watch it, please come back and let me know what you thought. I haven't spoken to anyone else who has watched it yet and I would love to get your personal opinion.
    Thanks for your comment!